Meet The All Female Lunalae Team

June 22 2020 – AAAeCommerce Inc Collaborator

Meet The All Female Lunalae Team

Meet The All Female Lunalae Team

Meet the makers behind your favourite pole wear brand. Read our blog below to see how we, the Lunalae team, embrace change and sustainability.

 At Lunalae, we are an all-female led team of ambitious, out of the box thinking, women. Lunalae was founded by our Director Fion in 2016. Our team has grown to a strong and powerful collective of women over the years, still sustaining our close-knit team culture.

đź’žMEET THE TEAM đź’ž

Fion – Founder and CEO
How Fion embraces Lunalae’s sustainable approach…

“Lunalae has come such a long way. We have switched out our swing tags, labels and all packaging as they were previously contained with microplastics and synthetic fibres. Our swing tags and labels have now been changed to all-natural cotton and no microplastics, so that they are 100% biodegradable. You will also see more and more of our garments being made of recycled or natural fibres (Repreve). The electricity at Lunalae HQ is used from solar panels too, making it a sustainable approach.”

Jo- E- commerce Operator 
How Jo embraces Lunalae’s sustainable approach…

“The way I embrace Lunalae’s sustainable approach is by keeping digital documents rather than printing them out. I also prefer to optimize double sided printing, when I can”

Prachi – Wholesale Accounts Manager 
How Prachi embraces Lunalae’s sustainable approach…

“I always carry re-usable bags for my grocery shopping, as well as only using disposable containers and cutlery in unavoidable circumstances. I also have replaced organic cotton cloth wipes with disposable wipes, transitioning from sanitary napkins to period cups. I haven't bought packaged plastic water bottle in years! I always try and minimize the usage of electrical appliances such as a clothes dryer and use Eco-friendly laundry liquid.” 

Shan – Production Manager 
How Shan embraces Lunalae’s sustainable approach…

“I like to embrace a sustainable approach by saving paper by having documents on my computer instead of printing things out at Lunalae HQ.  I also re-use cardboard boxes and packaging to limit waste. Garbage classification is something I have been doing for a long time now to reduce my impact on the environment as well as using recycled material for products and packing”

Bronte – Graphic Designer 

How Bronte embraces Lunalae’s sustainable approach…

“I love using a keep cup for my daily coffee run, as well as metal straws for take out smoothies. I always recycle when possible and compost kitchen waste. Also, I eat a plant-based diet to reduce my impact on the earth”


Victoria – Customer Service
How Victoria embraces Lunalae’s sustainable approach…

“I prefer not to use plastic, so I always have a reusable cutlery pack with me as well as a keep cup for my coffee. I also use a notebook that is made from 100% recycled materials.”

Shaza – Marketing Coordinator

How Shaza embraces Lunalae’s sustainable approach…

“I always try to embrace a sustainable approach where I can, something that has stuck really well for me is using a cane basket for grocery shopping instead of plastic bags. I also always try and purchase produce from local markets to support farmers and small business owners.”

We, at team Lunalae, embrace a sustainable approach daily and strive to work towards a better future for both the company and our daily lives. Although we can’t create a better future tomorrow, we will continue to contribute in every way we can. 

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