Our Top 5 Instagram Accounts That Will Keep You Fit During Lockdown

May 05 2020 – Andreas Karlsson

Our Top 5 Instagram Accounts That Will Keep You Fit During Lockdown

Our Top 5 Instagram Accounts That Will Keep You Fit During Lockdown

Are you going through  a hard time, trying to keep up with your fitness?

Don’t worry Luna has got your back. We have put together collective sources from pole instructors, yogis and fitness experts so you can keep motivated over 5 days from home to reach your pole goal for 2020. In hard times it is important to support the community and share our knowledge across the globe to all our pole babes!

See below who we will keeping up with in the next 5 days:

1. Angelina Polerina 

Our pole babe Angelina Polerina has got some of the most aesthetically pleasing workout videos we have ever seen. With 114k of followers on Instagram Angelina has a variety of workouts on her Instagram page from full body circuit to glute workouts. Check out our fave below.

2. Chilli Rox 

Chilli Rox is a pole dancer, pole instructor and emcee for Miss Pole Dance Australia. Chilli Rox is the ultimate pole dancing babe try her awesome choreography for free at home!


 3. Tiff-finney 

Tiff-finney is pro performer and is amazing when it comes to working out with and without the pole.  Tiff-finney has tutorials on exactly how to work out from home during self isolation.


 4. Hattie Boydle 

Hattie Boydle is 2016 WBFF fitness world champ and has created some awesome home exercises for the babes who need to focus on their hamstrings, abs or legs. Hattie Boydle workouts are quick and minimal making them easy to achieve and useful.


5. Melissa Wood

Melissa Wood is one of the top fitness bloggers. Her workouts can be done anywhere and anytime. Her workouts are recommend by so many influencers and celebs. Check out her home work out consisting of 28 minutes of short cardio and dance. This workout is perfect for dancers.


check out the links below for more at home workouts and routines:









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