Why You Need These 100% Sustainable Self Care Tools Right Now!

October 12 2020 – Shaza Khan

Why You Need These 100% Sustainable Self Care Tools Right Now!

Why You Need These 100% Sustainable Self Care Tools Right Now!

At Lunalae, we believe in looking good and doing good. That’s why we have introduced a new range of 100% eco-friendly cork recovery tools. The cork surface is warm to the touch and insulates heat and cold, making our new range of recovery tools your new go-to! 

 Why cork? 

We love helping out and doing our part towards making the world a better place. That is why we have decided to use cork when creating our new range of recovery tools. Cork is not only better for the environment, but also has so many health benefits.

Cork is a very light, raw material as over 50% of its volume is air! It is also elastic and compressible, making it a material that is able to adapt in various temperatures. The Suberin and Ceroids located in the cell walls make the cork resistant to liquids and gases. 

This amazing raw material is also hypoallergenic as it does not absorb dust and can help protect against allergies. The natural texture combines softness and flexibility making it the perfect material to use for recovery tools.

What is cork? 

Cork grows on trees that are located in forests all around the world. The bark is hacked from the trees without any harm. It can take up to nine years for the bark to grow again. The process of removing the bark is so delicate as it need to be re-harvested. Each cork tree has a lifespan of around 200 years!

Image source: 42birds.com 

What is the process of cork?

After the cork bark has been removed, it is sent to a factory to be boiled to become softer and more flexible. After being boiled and washed, it is left outside for almost a year to absorb moisture from the air. Six months later, it is brought back to the factory and is cut up to create products such as yoga mats, blocks and rollers. 

Image source: 42birds.com 


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